“Mamma, what an adventure!” Read Fabiana’s story

The first rafting experience is never forgotten. A family shares with us the thrill of their first time with Abruzzo Rafting.

Here we go. Sounds easy, but to do it with a 2 year old is not an easy task. But, I prepared the luggage and as most doting mothers I brought clothing for every occasion. My family and I were now ready for our first weekend in the mountains. We head to Abruzzo, a region that we love very much and to an area we have never explored nor know much of, the National Park of Majella.  We leave Rome and after about 2 hours of easy travel we arrive in time for lunch. Paulo, the founder of Abruzzo Rafting, Praem his wife, their little baby Geneina, and the two rafting guides, Lorenzo and Beppe arrive to join us at the cozy restaurant of  Taverna del Lago. Claudio, Samuele and I were greeted by warm smiles and great pasta dishes, the mountain air is brisk, stimulating a healthy appetite. Lunch was relaxing and cheerful, surrounded by nature and exceptional food.

It took me awhile to notice the quiet of the surrounding. After lunch we head to the hotel Camerlengo in Fara San Martino. A place out of this world especially for someone like me who does not have great affection for mountains. But being confronted by the greatness of the massive right in front of me is a reminder of the strength of nature.  I feel very small and my little troublemaker Samuele is also in awe of the grandeur of the mountain in our view.  He is thrilled. We walk the lanes of Fara San Martino, breathing the cold dry air. I feel recharged. The next morning we all ready for Abruzzo Rafting. We get in the car and after a few anxious hair pin turns, and the breathtaking landscapes, we arrive at the Aventino River, surrounded by unspoiled greenery. The only noise I hear is that of nature. The sounds of running water, wind among the branches, and footsteps on the leaves.

The group is preparing for the rafting trip and Samuele and I go for a short and simple hike. He is fascinated by everything, especially the river. I watch him being intrigued by the gushing water over the rocks. He runs, stumbles, picks himself up, laughs, picks up stones, watches the birds and gets lost in the trees… an unforgettable day. We’ll be back soon when the weather is less restricting after the spring bloom.

Samuele and I have not experienced the adventure of rafting. The next time we are here we will do the Geneina Rafting Course for children.  The guides, Lorenzo and Simone, told me of the fun and exciting time children have on the river.  We will be back for sure.