The Majella National Parkin Abruzzo, is presented to visitors in a unique setting, with spectacular valleys, vast forests full of life and the exceptional richness of the highlands. Establishedin 1005, the Park stretches for74,095 hectares and consists of Majella Massif, an imposing mountain group called Montagna Madre (Mother Mountain) by the locals and which was referred to by Pilny the Elder as the Padre dei Monti(Mountain’s Father). Along with Porrara, Morrone and Monte Pizzi these wild mountains make up the Majella National Park, which spans the provinces of Pescara, L’Aquila and Chieti. Among the rocks, you can find numerous testimonies left by hermits, who lived here inprayer and preferred the solitude of the mountains to life in the community. Caves, shrines and places of cultured Majella tell along story of thousands of years. It was inthese places that Celestine V,defined by Dante “the Pope of the Great Refusal” chose to live his life as a hermit.