Thank You all, See you in 2014.

As with all things beautiful and pleasant, another season of Abruzzo Rafting has gone by too fast.

The exploration of the Aventino river this summer was fun, exciting and exhilarating also because there were more to experience the Aventino. Besides rafting, there was canyoning, tubing and river trekking. 3640 visitors experienced the Aventino River and it’s beautiful surroundings through Abruzzo Rafting. We had the great pleasure of running the river over 850 times.

Like the mythological river Lethe allows you to wash away the sins and be reincarnated into a new life, the Aventine has allowed us to forget the stress of work, the city traffic and the problems of everyday life, finding harmony with nature with a descent on our rafts.

To all of our customers and friends, we send our heartfelt thanks for choosing us. Also a big thank you to our staff and guides.

See you in 2014.