First rafting esperience: read about it!

After the story of Fabiana, here is Claudio’s first rafting experience.
Leaving behind the great beltway (GRA) of Rome is always a good feeling. After a week filled with the usual dose of stress, delayed subway trains, traffic jams and  hordes of scooters zooming around what you need is a trip to a relaxing destination close by. What’s better then Abruzzo? It is close by, green, it has the mountains, the sea and is a friendly place. On this trip, I we will do some rafting, something I have been curious to try and will finally get a chance to do so. I heard of Abruzzo Rafting so I called them and made a reservation for Sunday.

Here we go. We head towards the Adriatic coast, navigating hills and mountains, going through some snowy patches. Our destination is Civitella Messer Raimondo, one of those great small towns of Abruzzo inhabited by just about a thousand people but becomes busier in the summer with returning migrants who have their second homes here. The village is adjacent to the Majella National Park, a beautiful un-spoilt nature reserve. Ah, I forgot to mention that with me are my wife and son.

After a couple of hours drive on the deserted highway, we arrive in Fara San Martino, a neighboring village with Civitella Messer Raimondo. We stay the night here. What we saw from a distance is now right in front of us in its grandeur: the Majella massif, the second largest of the Apennines, is a huge rock overlooking the neighboring towns. It is awe-inspiring and gives one a sense of security, the feeling of power, and eternity that demands respect. The window of our room at the Hotel Camerlengo is filled with the view of  the massif. We found out that to reach the peak is a 12 hour hike and its possible to stay at the refuge at the peak and commence the descent the next day.
In the afternoon and evening we wandered around the villages  of  Civitella Messer Raimondo and Fara San Martino. It was great to have ample parking, something we Romans are not used to. The locals are curious by off-season tourists like us. We get lost in the alleys of the villages while the night falls and Majella increases its grandeur, surrounded by clouds.  As we tire, it is time for a quick pizza dinner and to head back to the hotel to relax and enjoy the effect of the fresh air on our lungs. Tomorrow I head for my 1st rafting experience.

(1-to be continued)