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Excursion on a raft of about one hour and a half perfect for non-expert families even with small kids. You will go down an extremely beautiful valley safely and surrounded by nature. For the more adventurous there is also some rapids which will give you a bit of adrenaline.
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It ‘been shown that rafting is an excellent way to have fun and develop valuable skills in team building and leadership. When the experience is shared among colleagues, rafting down the river Aventino becomes a fun tool capable of implementing productivity and teamwork.

Why rafting and team building is so effective? Consider all the elements involved in each excursion: a setting that is very scenic, exciting and far from the usual place of work; a task that is adventurous and fun. The descent down the river in small groups of rafts, is founded on the basic principles of teamwork, cooperation, and trust under the control of a professional guide. Rafting thereforecombines many elements that are needed for an effective and efficient team.

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An inflatable raft for two people avalaible for rent. Guide also avalaible.
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Individual kayaking lesson. Group lesson avalaible. Kayak are also avalaible for rent.
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[tab] [tab_nav_container] [tab_nav href="tab1" title="THE OTTER RUN"/] [tab_nav href="tab2" title="THE FOX RUN"/] [tab_nav href="tab3" title="THE WOLF RUN"/] [/tab_nav_container] [tab_container] [tab_item id="tab1"]The otter, in Italy, is an extremely rare animal, but until a few years ago, his presence was marked n all thje rivers of Abruzzo and it was easy to observe. Today the otter population is in sharp decline and therefore we should protect its environment, as do the friends of Abruzzo Rafting. There is a chance that even the youngest rafters, with a bit of luck my be able to spot one. This cute anima is able to live in the cold temperatures of the river and therefore has a thicj fur that protects it from water and traps air bubbles that insilate from the cold. As such, even our youngest guests will ridethe raft protected bu a neoprene wet-suit, water racket (if required), life jacket and helmet to ensure their descent is comfortable and safe.

The otter river run is in a calm section of the river and therefore designed for children between 3-6 years old. The journey is short (duration 30 minutes) but it is a fun and engaging experience for everyone! [/tab_item] [tab_item id="tab2"]The curiosity and astuteness of the fox is well known. In the mountain villages of the area they are almost a domestic animal, ofter wandering through the streets of the countryside, approaching the houses and even by the river in the summer evenings.

Thir river route (duration 40 minutes) is for children from 6-14 years old, curious about the life of the river and navigation techniques. The guides will teach them some basic techniques of paddling the contours of the river and being involved in a sport immersed in nature, safely. [/tab_item] [tab_item id="tab3"]The wolf was chosen as a symbol of the Maiella National Park because it is the animal with which the shepherds have learned to live with. Within the pack, wolves cooperate with each other in various activities: finding food, exploration, predation and surveillance. Our guides will teach the students the techniques for paddling, rules for rafting, safety and the importance of working as a team for a safe and fun descent down the river.

This river route for ages 14 years and above is about 1,5 hours long. [/tab_item] [/tab_container] [/tab]

Download the sheet info in PDF format:
Rafting for Schools Brochure
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River Trekking for about 1 km of river partly on the riverbed and partly on the riverbanks. We will use repeatedly the technique of crossing the river sideways in pairs for safety, each person assisting the other in an alternating mannerin the so called “shrimp technique.” At times it may be necessary to be carried by the current in “safe position”. Everything will be conducted in total safety under the control of continuous and careful experienced river guides. Return journey to the Rafting centre by bus.
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